November 26, 2012


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Jacqueline Kennedy was acutely sensitive to the symbolism of dress. At a dinner for Harry Truman her choice of a relentlessly unembellished gown in the austere Balenciaga tradition cast her as a streamlined vision of modernity, the physical embodiment of the New Frontier.

For the Kenneddy Foundation Awards Banquet on December 6, Jackie, JFK, and Lyndon Johnson were much photographed. Jackie looked elegant in a long satin gown with pure minimalist lines.

OOAK This fashion includes the  dress, jacket, gloves, necklace, earrings and cluth purse.

It is fully lined.

It does not include the doll or shoes




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  1. said,

    Hi, I love your “Unforgettable” gray suit. Is it possible that you could make me a suit like this in red? (Like maybe a cherry red.) I would not want the fur cuffs, but would like a pair of white gloves. This would be for a Silkstone Barbie. Let me know if you are interested.

    Thank you.

    Carol Randolph

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