The first stop in Texas was San Antonio, and Jackie, lovely in a biscuit-colored wo-piece wool dress with a slim black leather belt, enthusiastically went down the receiving line, shaking hands. JFK told a friend, “you have no idea what a help Jackie is to me, and what she has meant to me. Didn’t she look beautiful?”

Outfit for Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, Monogram dolls, Victoire Roux, FR2, second and third generation Fashion Royalty dolls and vintage Barbie.

This fashion includes the ivory wool top and skirt, belt, gloves, hat, earrings, black laser purse (opening), shoes and yellow flowers bouquet.

It is fully lined.

It does not include the doll or background.

SOLD OUT (limited edition of 4)



  1. Lovely outfit !! Do you have a picture of the doll’s outfit too ?
    Happy Holidays, Katrine 😉

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