Jackie’s military style coat

Arrival Ceremonies for Habib Bourguiba Sr., President of Tunisia, and his wife Moufida Bourguiba

Outfit for Silkstone Barbie, Fashion Royalty, and Victoire Roux dolls.

This fashion includes the coat with the handmade buttons, dress, gloves, hat, purse, earrings and shoes
It is fully lined.
LE 5 (limited edition of 5) SOLD OUT!

It does not include the doll or background

2 thoughts on “Jackie’s military style coat

  1. Hi Karine, Beautiful outfit !! Is the seaming on the coat as on Jackie’s original ? Is there a princess seam that ends in a high waist seam. Also, can I see a detail of the hat ? I”m VERY interested 😉 Thanks, Ken

    ken laughran 27 north moore street 2e new york, ny. 10013


  2. Karine,

    Just beautiful…I remember this, Jackie taught us to much back in the day.
    You have caught it. Thank you.
    How can I purchase this, it is priceless, in memories.


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