Outfit for Silkstone Barbie, Fashion Royalty and Victoire Roux.

This fashion includes:
The tailored black V-neck sheath is fully lined and closes at the back with snaps.
The matching jacket is lined in a silver ice grey.
The detached belt with buckle.
The sun hat.
The necklace.


It does not include the doll, shoes or background


Silk crepe giselle Azure blue strapless evening gown worn by Mrs. John F. Kennedy to a foreign ministry reception, Mexico City, Mexico, June 29, 1962. The dress was also worn to a dinner hosted by Ambassador Howard Beale, the Breakers, Newport, Rhode Island, September 14, 1962.

┬áPresident Kennedy & Mrs. Kennedy’s trip to Mexico. ┬áReception in honor of the President and First Lady. Mexico City, Mexico, Foreign Ministry.

Outfit for Silkstone Barbie, Poppy Parker, FR2 and Monogram dolls.
This fashion includes the dress with pin, cape, earrings, gloves and purse (non opening).
It is fully lined.

(LE of 2) SOLD OUT

It does not include the doll, shoes or background

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