Mamzelle de Paris

Some time ago I got a custom order for making fashion for a doll which I never saw before. It was the “Mamzelle de Paris” doll which is a re-birth of Kiraz doll’s.

With her cat’s eyes and long legs, she is the exact replica of the Parisienne girls of the 1960’s. She brings to us the nostalgia of our former idols from this period such as Brigitte Bardot, Sylvie Vartan, Francoise Hardy, France Gall and Sheila.

The re-birth of these dolls is a glimpse of the past, a deep homage to the genius of those famous artists such as Birge, Kiraz, St. Laurent and  Rabanne. ( for more information about Mamzelle)

For the last half year I have made a lot of different fashions for this doll.

Here are some pictures of them

Now I have my own “Mamzelle de Paris” doll and now I can make a pictures with the fashions I made to show you.

The dresses for Mamzelle de Paris and Kiraz dolls.

The dress is fully lined and closes at the back with snaps. 

$80 + shipping 

It does not include the doll, shoes or background.

If you are interested in it, please contact me to

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