February 25, 2016


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For her state clothing Jacqueline Kennedy generally avoided prints, preferring the impact of strong solid colors. In this rare example she chose a pointillist pattern that, seen from afar, blends into an even more intense hue than a solid color could be expected to achieve – an ideal choise fot the first lady in the flamboyantly dressed throng that greeted her in Rajasthan. She also wore the dress on its own for a camel ride with her sister on the grounds of President Mohammad Ayub Khan’s residence in Karachi.

Outfit for Silkstone Barbie and Poppy Parker dolls.  

This fashion includes the sleeveles dress with pin, coat, gloves, headband,  necklace and purse. 

It does not include the doll, shoes or background. 

All my fashions are nicely packed in a gift box.

$115 + shipping

Limited edition

If you are interested in purchasing this fashion, please contact me to fashion.royalty4u@gmail.com



  1. northmoore said,

    Beautiful dress and print 😉 Lovely !!

  2. Anonymous said,

    very beautifyl . . .

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