June 29, 2016

Emilio Pucci hostesses uniforms for Braniff Airways.

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Italian designer Emilio Pucci was hired to design uniforms for the flight crew and ground crews, creating a total of six collections for Braniff between 1965 and 1974. One of his collections was an inter-changeable wardrobe which was questionably dubbed the “air strip” because it involved the flight attendants taking off parts of the uniform as the flight journey progressed.
This first Pucci multi-component design for Braniff, dubbed “The Air-Strip”, combined colors new to flight uniforms.

This fashion fits Silkstone, poseable Silkstone Barbie and Poppy Parker dolls.

This fashion set includes:
The light green coat is fully lined with zipper closure.
The magenta jacket is fully lined with zipper closure.
The magenta skirt is fully lined with snap back closure.
The magenta gloves.
The light green gloves.
The 2 printed pillbox hats with attached scarf tied under the chin.
The “space bubble” helmet.

It does not include the dolls or shoes.

All my fashions are nicely packed in a gift box.

By custom order only. $200 + shipping.


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  1. Brian C. Wright & Valerie Harrington said,

    Hi Arina! I would like a set of the Braniff hostess uniforms. They are sweet! Do you send me a Paypal invoice? Valerie Harrington

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